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Restoration in the US of the Datsun 240 Z!

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Launching of Nissan Restoration Program at Nissan Headquarters on May 3rd 1997.

A unique Center created over 30 years ago,
for the sole purpose of providing the best results in the professional care
of the Datsun Z and ZX cars.

After different stages with Ferrari, Porsche, Renault, and BMW,
Pierre decided years ago to focus his high Knowledge on the Z cars,
an automobile that deserve his recognition.

Highly appraised by Nissan Motor Corporation
for the fantastic result in the restoration refurbishing
of the World famous Icon the early 240 Z.

Personally congratulated by Mr. Katayama in a televised speech.

Pierre'Z is currently restoring, and refurbishing a great amount of Z cars
from all over the world.

Pierre' Z has won many awards and Trophies,
in the United States and abroad, showing the high qualities of his work.

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